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Strategic Vision

Build awareness and excitement—starting in 2018—for the history of Westchester County during the Revolutionary War.

ENCOURAGE preparations for long-term projects such as: installing road and way-finding signage, producing new plaques and monuments, creating artistic works, securing nationally known speakers for lectures, developing social media sites and smart phone apps, generating walking and driving tours, all with historically accurate content.

ENHANCE the general pleasure and well being of Westchester residents — especially students — through encouraging engagement with their Revolutionary Era history in their schools and in communities.

ASSIST local municipalities and local groups to enhance their awareness of the Revolutionary War stories of their people, places and events. Provide help if requested with planning, promoting and coordinating local efforts to recognize and celebrate those stories.

PROMOTE heritage tourism in Westchester County for all those interested in the Revolutionary War.

PROVIDE a satisfying tourist experience by encouraging the development of easily accessible information about sites, lodging, dining, transportation, as well as nearby parks and recreational choices.

INCREASE local sales and hotel tax income for the county and enhance local businesses through increasing heritage tourism.

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